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Co-founder Noah Namwamba


Welcome to BeGreen! We are dedicated to promote a greener lifestyle by encouraging people to share their experiences on environmental protection! Join us!


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Who we are

We are a start-up company founded by two foreign journalists living in Shanghai, China. Our mission is to raise awareness about environmental issues among the international community in this megalopolis and across the globe. We start here in Shanghai because it has great potential to be a model city in the country in terms of waste management, pollution control, animal welfare and natural resources protection. Let's make this dream come true together

Noah Namwamba and Eder Wen

BeGreen lead Journalists and founders of the startup seeking to empower the community to conserve the environment




Beautiful work. Don't stop this noble cause. I'm willing to subscribe. Masha - Uganda

4 days ago


Proud of you Eder and Noah. Who doesn't like good weather and a beautiful environment? Certainly everyone does. Climate change is real but we can do something about it. I'm gonna BeGreen

8 days ago

Did you Know?

The more we take care of the planet the better it is for us and the future generations? It starts with you, then me and others will join in this cause of changing our earth to be a better place. Be responsible. BeGreen


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