Here you can find some examples of people who are already sharing their experiences on environmental protection in China. Be inspired by their commitments to replicate their practices in our environs

  • Profile 1 - Wang Li
  • Chinese architect and designer based in Shanghai, he developed a house building concept using only recycled materials to create beautiful and ecologically responsible edifications. You can contact him to obtain more information about how to create your next environmental friendly home!

  • Profile 2 - João Manoeli
  • Brazilian entrepreneur based in Hangzhou, he produces 100% organic cold-pressed juices using only fruits produced by family run agriculture. All bottles are made with recycled glass and part of his company's profit goes to environmental education projects. Contact him to know more about how to run a green business

    Noah Namwamba By BeGreen Media

    Noah Namwamba By BeGreen Media

    Profile 3 - Akello Waithereo

    Kenyan veterinarian based in Shanghai, she runs a non-profit organization dedicated to rescue stray dogs and cats in the city. Her goal is to establish partnerships with the local government in order to control the population of abandoned animals in Shanghai. She will be more than happy to tell you how to foster a stray animal. You can also help her with funds for vaccination costs. Contact her and BeGreen

    Profile 4 -Libert Boin

    A teacher in Kuwait who started an initiative to encourage every newborn child to have a tree planted in their name. Parents in uwait took it as a personal project and today, more than 3 million trees have been planted

    Profile 5 - Sheila Pretzel

    She is the youngest blogger on environmental protection. She began her blog when she was 4 years and currently encourages children of her age and above to be more responsible by being more environmentally responsible, producing little waste and managing it effectively